The Winner

James Dawson

James Dawson

“I am not the best-selling author on the list. I’m not the most famous. I’m not the most talented. So all I can really do is promise to work twice as hard to be a really good queen. I hope I can take this award and do something with it, and use the platform to shine a light on UKYA- I hope I can crow from the rooftops about the amazing, amazing talent- the amazing books- and I hope I can do a good job throughout my reign!”

Maureen Johnson Q & A

For eight years, James Dawson was a teacher specialising in Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE). As well as being a sexpert, his debut, best-selling YA novel Hollow Pike was nominated for the prestigious Queen of Teen prize and was followed with the publication of YA thriller Cruel Summer. James's first non-fiction title Being A Boy, the ultimate guide to puberty, sex and relationships for young men, was published in Autumn 2013.

James is also a Stonewall Schools Role Model, and when he's not writing books to scare teenagers in a variety of ways, James can usually be found listening to pop music and watching Doctor Who and horror movies. He lives and writes in London.

Follow James at or on Twitter: @_jamesdawson.

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